Mobile Application & Website


InChainZ is a first of its kind blockchain based platform enabling its users to manage, trade, and invest in a secure marketplace where contact information is an asset. This unified platform creates an internal ecosystem, based on the consent of its users and their willingness to benefit from the contact portfolio they already have, saving time, money and effort to gain access to verified professionals and then using them in their favor. Behind it is a sophisticated AI specialized in reflecting LIVE market related value attributed to every contact listed, providing advanced tools and incentives for interaction, redefining the way people gain access to other people.

This is a startup project with Initial Coin Offering strategy to help raise funds for its full development, and as any other ICO, there were multiple stages to be designed from email signatures to the actual mobile application.

The Mastermind

Their logo is a visual representation of the allocation algorithm balancing the platform’s ecosystem: their AI called MasterMind. The shapes hold an abbreviation of the cryptocurrency ICZ.


Color Palette

The primary color was predefined by the client logo: yellow. For the secondary, we chose a couple of bright colors with similar saturation which are mainly associated with the call to action element in the website and application.


Since Inchainz was a startup company we didn’t persist on a custom font. We used the well-known Google font – Montserrat because of its versatility and application options.

In order to understand the entire structure of the app and eliminate any logical inconsistencies
in the final product, we started by creating a basic user flow.


We were involved at a very early stage in this project so many of the functionalities were constantly changing and evolving. To keep the team on the same page we made an interactive prototype in Invision where we could work on the wireframes structure and final application design. And last but not least, this way our clients could show the app to investors before the development had even begun.


Log in & Register

These couple of screens were a big part of the application as they require the users to go through a couple of steps with filling their personal information so we had to make sure we didn’t lose them along the way. In addition to getting the necessary steps to a minimum, our clients created an in-app game giving promotional tokens for each completed step, encouraging the users to finish the process.

Inner Pages

We went through quite a few ideas on how to present each part of this concept and make it intuitive enough so that we won’t require a walkthrough introduction screens to teach users how to use the app. We kept it simple by defining consistent styles for each interaction and focus on the numbers, charts, and dashboards.


It was important that the application has its custom Incoming calls and message screens showing the amount of ICZ tokens the user will gain by taking a call or answer a message with the incentive that their time is profitable.










The final stage of this project was the website. While developing the full website we created a simple teaser Landing page with a gamified token offering. The website follows an ICO structure along with a live showcase of the app.

Inner Pages

We designed various graphics that follow the ICZ token sale stages, timers, progress bars and CTA visualizations for the homepage. Most of the inner pages follow a typical ICO structure, long and very explanatory so we made a simple side navigation to help users find their way.

No ICO goes without its precious whitepaper and in this case, we had the opportunity to dive into detail and design various graphics for every part of the paper


15+ Custom Pages

This in-depth report explains the concept, the problems it solves and the benefits it gives its users. It’s quite long because it is meant to educate investors and help them understand and solve an issue.

In addition to the various documents and short visualizations of the concept, we had to create a couple of presentations as well as editable PowerPoint templates that our clients can use on seminars and exhibitions.

Social Media


The social media presence of any startup brand like InChainZ is of most importance when building a community. We designed branded visuals for most social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc. and a couple of post templates to make their inhouse designer life easier.