We are an independent design studio looking for

exceptional design solutions through a business lens.


We help businesses improve and define their presence through informed visual communication.


Logotype / Visual Identity / Packaging / Print & Marketing materials



Web & Mobile design, UI/UX, Presentations, Infographics


Editorial & Exhibition design



We take our work extremely seriously, ourselves – never.



New challenges? We love ‘em. Sure, that’s what everyone says… but creating purposeful and bold visual communication for brands and seeing good business results while soaking the intricacies of new fields at the same time… that’s pretty damn cool!



We work closely with our clients, building strong relationships and taking care of every aspect of the creative process, striving for the same goal through collaboration.




We value our time and yours so we keep our communication tight and clean, no messy business.




Over the years we have completed projects in sectors such as Technology, Health & Wellness, Healthcare, E-sports, Culture, Tourism and Marketing.



Some of our Clients:




Our Process

This is how
we do it


Questions. Questions. Questions. We dig deep into all those pesky little details to identify every problem, search for possible solutions, map the project and set our action steps.



Now we gather all project-relevant information and start our web surfing. Competitors. Market. User profiles. Visual inspiration. We cover a lot of ground before we get to the main part.



Time to get crazy. We start with pencil and paper – sketching, wireframing, conceptualizing, anything in between. The fun part for any designer is to explore ideas so we really get into it.



After our art direction presentation, we refine and readjust if needed to bring our client’s idea to life. Then we really step on the gas to deliver a final product.



Files for print, visual design for development, marketing designs for posting. You want ‘em, we got ‘em. Every asset is shipped and ready for use.





We are people and we work with people. We have a soft spot for good relationships and clear communication. If you like what you’re seeing, drop us a line.

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