Exemplar Gaming

Visual Identity Design & Landing Page


Exemplar Gaming is a gaming organization that starts its journey with a team playing the popular game Overwatch. Their goal is to create a strong team that will compete in international and local tournaments as well as an influential organization that will cultivate local talent.





The basic concepts revolved around the name meaning “man for example” and this was the client’s desire – his organization to be an example on the gaming scene. In this regard, a considerable amount of time was spent exploring heraldry and the meanings of the various symbols, colors, and elements in this science, as each of the ideas revolved around the sense of royalty and legacy.


The three main images in our concepts that symbolize strength and leadership were the lion, the warrior, and the knight. For each of these concepts, we developed a different visual identity, with different look and feel, different colors and dynamics. Аll concepts were based on our studies of heraldry and represented various elements stylized for use in the 21st century and in a predominantly digital environment.

The concept chosen was the one with the knight. An interesting element we managed to incorporate into the crown was the resemblance to the crown of saint Sofia, which is a reference to the city where the organization is based in.

For the wordmark we created some cuts on the crossbars on some of the letters, so we could provide some dynamics to them and then extracted the shape from the “E” for the look and feel.


Identity dynamics lay in the lines that are positioned randomly on a grid according to the type of print or online material, but with complete freedom of placement, allowing a varied look for each design.



Тhe use of business materials in the gaming industry is not so imperative, especially to start a company, so for this project, we only made simple business cards for introductions and networking events. As a finishing touch, we added partial varnish on the darker shapes on the back of the card.

We also created a landing page where potential players could submit their applications for a position on the team. It served as the main tool for the organization to screen new prospects.

We created some easy to change templates for different types of posts for a variety of social media channels like Twitch, Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.